BTFP Visits the Wonderous Underground Cave of DeSoto Caverns

July is a great month to visit the caves of DeSoto Caverns! Our group had a great treat in visiting this Alabama historical landmark. Before we went to the main underground attraction, we had the experience of seeing what it’s like to pan and mine for gems. Each person in our group was given a pan with a handful of sand in it and they lined up along a waterway to take their pans, dip in the water, shake and uncover gems. Once they finished uncovering all of their gems, they had to identify the stones against an identification chart to let them know their bounty. Then we went to the maze. At the maze, our group had to make their way through a winding outdoor maze that had three tower and stamp their cards to prove that they got to the three towers….then comes the challenge…GETTING OUT! We only had a few people that had to use the emergency exits and no ambulance was called! Lastly we visited one of the greatest underground sights in the area, the guides gave our group a wealth of information on the history of the cave, it’s formation and how it came to be the attraction it is today. One of the best parts was getting a break from the near ninety degree weather and spending time in the cave that stays at a constant 60 degrees. Once we finished our hour long tour, we had a wonderful lunch from Subway (Chapel Hill and Central Church Rd) and enjoyed some free time which included playing in a water splash pad and other areas around the park for free play. Thank you to this field trip Transportation Sponsor OrthoAtlanta Douglasville, Lunch Provider Subway, Seat Sponsors Legacy World Missions and Heritage Baptist Church. Next month’s field trip will be to the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama.